It stands as a meticulously engineered welding solution crafted specifically for the welding of HK40, a recognized standard material extensively used in centrifugally cast tubes that operate within the temperature range of approximately 1000°C. This particular alloy finds prominent application in critical components, notably reformer and steam cracker coils, strategically deployed in chemical and petrochemical plants. The versatility of G-TECH 310H extends beyond its role in centrifugally cast tubes, encompassing a spectrum of components across diverse industries. These include billet skids, calcinating tubes, kiln nose segments, conveyor rolls, and various furnace structural items, particularly in the cement, ceramic, and steel sectors. One notable feature of G-TECH 310H is its operational efficiency, eliminating the need for both preheating and post-weld heat treatment (PWHT). This attribute not only streamlines the welding process but also enhances the overall applicability and convenience of this welding solution in a range of high-temperature applications.
Alloy Type
0.4%C-25%Cr-20%Ni (310H) austenitic cast alloy for heat resisting service.
In the as-welded condition the weld metal microstructure consists of austenite with eutectic and secondary carbides.

EN W.Nr.: 1.4846 (X40CrNi 25 21), 1.4848 (G-X40CrNiSi 25 20).
ASTM: SA351 gr. HK40, A608 gr. HK40.
PROPRIETARY: H20 (Doncasters Paralloy), Thermalloy 47 (Duraloy), Lloyds T47 (LBA), HR6 (Cronite).

Products of the line 310H

Product name Process AWS specifications EN ISO specifications
AWS A5.4
EN ISO 3581-A
E 25 20 H B


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