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A complete range of consumables and services for welding, maintenance and plating
Daiko SRL
For over forty years, DAIKO SRL has been a reference point for welding consumables able to guarantee compliance with the most stringent technical and quality requirements characterizing the main industrial segments.
Born with a specific focus on corrosion resistant alloys, over the years, DAIKO has developed a complete catalog for all welding applications including SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW and ESW, created and developed thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and continuous synergy with the most renowned and qualified international producers. A strong asset of the company is the large stock which guarantees fast deliveries and precise supplies to customers. We are a reliable partner, qualified by important and prestigious customers all over the world active in the oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical industry, in the production of pressure vessels, valves and in general wherever reliable and high-quality welding consumables are required.
Our mission
DAIKO strives to meet the needs of its customers ensuring reliance on a welding partner who makes their work efficient and productive by optimizing time, reducing costs, and maximizing quality.
DAIKO's commitment is aimed at a careful and continuous selection of the most reliable and technologically advanced international industrial partners together with whom it tests hundreds of welding products every year. In fact, only welding consumables in-line with the specifications set forth by DAIKO during its 40 years of activity become part of the catalog, thus managing to successfully satisfy all welding, cladding and maintenance applications. DAIKO is committed to guaranteeing a high and constant quality by providing its solutions with extreme timeliness thanks to integrated logistics and a wide range of available products ready for delivery. DAIKO also supplies turnkey products in cladded wear plate metal built to design, such as pipes, curves, cyclones, snails, fans, and provides reconstruction of mechanical parts subject to wear.
Our values


DAIKO is strongly committed to the protection and promotion of the health and promotion of its collaborators and the environment in which they operate. Among its main objectives there is certainly that of safeguarding the environment in a context of social and economic growth: sustainable development means knowing how to satisfy the needs of human beings without compromising the possibility that future generations can do the same. In our approach to decisions related to the life cycle of all the products and services we offer, we are committed to balancing opportunities and risks by making daily decisions aimed at creating economic value while safeguarding the environment and the community. The only way to ensure continuous and sustainable improvement is to implement a structured management and management system with a clear vision. For this reason DAIKO has embarked on a path of aligning its procedures with the stringent management standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 45001 with the aim of renewing its global electricity consumption with 100% energy by 2025 and to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2028.

Authentic Partnership

DAIKO's approach to customer needs considers all aspects of the supply, in addition to those strictly related to the technical characteristics of the product. Our precise document quality management and reactive logistics make us a partner you can refer to. DAIKO is able to carry out, in collaboration with the main third parties, mechanical and chemical characterizations and to intervene in the production phase on the basis of the customer's specifications. DAIKO technicians are also able to help the customer in the feasibility analysis and in identifying the best solutions.

Technical Exellence

All the solutions that fall within the range of DAIKO welding consumables are developed with the precise objective of guaranteeing the best performance in the production and chemical-mechanical performance fields. Products made in state-of-the-art plants and on proprietary specifications leave no room for commercial compromises but rather only expressions of technical excellence. The corrosion resistance, mechanical characteristics and weldability of DAIKO products are in fact at the top of the market and fear no comparison.


Aware of the difficulties of complex production processes, DAIKO offers the customer not only a complete range of welding solutions but also a unique availability of materials. The stock of materials ready for delivery places DAIKO at the top of Europe for availability and delivery flexibility. Through the two modern hubs, our logistics is able to effectively and quickly manage all national or international procurement needs.


Quality in raw materials and production processes combined with continuous research are the basis of DAIKO's approach. The evolution of welding systems and the development of basic materials requires continuous innovation of the characteristics of the consumables and frequent discussions with our customers. Through rigorous tests and partnership programs with the best steel mills, DAIKO transfers the precise desire for continuous improvement to its products. The DAIKO technical department, working for years in close contact with the best steelmakers, has developed a profound product experience that has allowed our Nickel alloys to become an industrial reference point.

Our services
Quality for DAIKO is the sum of many aspects, starting from the technical excellence of the products without neglecting any management aspect.
In modern industrial production projects, the interaction of many technical and organizational figures is foreseen, each of which is responsible for managing specific aspects. The DAIKO technical team, made up of specialized technical figures, IWE and IWS, is able to support the customer in understanding the technical specifications and in the selection of consumables and welding processes. Furthermore, DAIKO's logistics are able to adapt flexibly to different warehouse and delivery requirements
DAIKO is an Italian testimony of passion for technical excellence and customer service that over the years has made itself known and appreciated thanks to its values ​​all over the world.
Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, South Korea, South Africa, Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil and Canada

Thinking global is of fundamental importance for the continuous improvement of products and constitutes the prerequisite for understanding and responding in the best possible way to the needs of all customers and markets.

Today DAIKO is present in more than 25 countries around the world through the direct presence of collaborators and distributors and is able to guarantee every day the support and assistance necessary for the satisfaction of its customers in compliance with local and international regulations.

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