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Gr. 25
This filler, derived from the L605 rolled alloy, excels in resisting thermal fatigue. It is used to rebuild tools for hot steel operations like scisso...
Gr. 6
This cobalt-based alloy is widely recognized as the most extensively used type, offering abrasion resistance, along with robust defenses against corro...
Gr. 21
This low-carbon cobalt-based alloy type seamlessly blends commendable high-temperature strength with heightened ductility. The enhanced ductility cont...
Gr. 12
These consumables exhibit an exceptional combination of characteristics, providing resistance to metal-to-metal wear, corrosion, erosion, and thermal...
Gr. 1
The high percentage of carbides gives the alloy higher wear resistance accompanied by reductions in the impact and corrosion resistance. The higher ha...


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