The deposited material primarily assumes a martensitic structure, offering a balanced combination of robust toughness and exceptional resistance to cavitation and stress corrosion cracking. Common applications involve rectifying casting defects, as well as fabrication and rebuilding work on components utilized in water turbines, pumps, and propellers. To optimize the weld metal's impact toughness, particularly in the as-welded condition, it is recommended to maintain the interpass temperature below 150°C and restrict the heat input to under 1.5 kJ/mm. For further enhancement of properties such as ductility, corrosion resistance, and cavitation resistance, a post-weld heat treatment in the range of 580°C - 620°C is advised. This treatment promotes the development of tempered martensite, elevating the overall performance of the welded structure.
Alloy Type
16% Cr – 5% Ni – 1% Mo soft martensitic deposit.
Ferrite and martensite.
Designed for welding corrosion resistant martensitic- ferritic stainless steels of similar composition, such as Outokumpu 248SV.
EN W.Nr.: 1.4418 (X4 CrNiMo 16-5-1), 1.4405 (X5 CrNiMo 16 5).
PROPRIETARY: 248SV (Outokumpu).

Products of the line 248SV

Product name Process AWS specifications EN ISO specifications
DAIKOFCW 16-5-1 FCAW - -


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